About Me

Hi there. I’m Erica and welcome to my website!

If you ask my friends about me they’ll probably say, “She just can’t stop doing new things.” And it’s true, sitting around and do nothing will drive me crazy. Even though I live a busy office life, I always make time to try new recipes, finish new DIY projects, plan out my next trip, update myself with the latest fashion trends, and… have a cup of good tea (yay!).

But the best part is not when I’m landing my feet on part of the world I haven’t visited before or successfully baked a new cake recipe I found on the net. It’s when I share all of the indescribable fun, messiest experiments, and crazy adventures I experience with you! I find that inspiring people to create unique handcrafts and brighten their day is truly satisfying. Besides, I love blogging! So I tell myself that I need a place to share my stories with the world. And that’s how The Sweetest Tea Time was born.

Every article you read on this blog is my personal experience and thoughts. I involved in every process, from the beginning to the end. I really hate being dishonest (really!), so everything you read is my true feeling about it. No drama and hyperbole here! (unless it’s needed).

I write as I’m talking to you as a friend (don’t want to sound like a robot while you’re a human). So dear friend, pull up a chair, grab a cup of good tea, and enjoy my blog. Because this is for you!