Jomblang Cave, Indonesia


A Peek Inside My Thrilling Weekend in Jomblang Cave, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

You know how magical the beauty of cave is. And I think I’ve been addicted to it. So, by the recommendation from one of my friend I Googled the Jomblang Cave, one of Java’s most beautiful jewelries. People say that this place is one of the best landscapes that Yogyakarta has to offer. And it’s couldn’t be any truer.

I fall in love right away after I Googled this place and found these pictures

Google Image
Google Image

I thought, “Holy moly! I should definitely go there.”

So I Googled any related information to Jomblang Cave, starting from the exact location, any possible routes, transportation options, recommended accommodation, and prices. I also asked some of my friends who have visited this place to acquire some helpful tips, like what to do and not to do on the road.

Talking about the date, it may be the most complicated thing of all. When you have two full time jobs with big responsibility, planning a trip is never been easy. I must skim through my monthly planner and find a time where I can go vacate. August seems to be a little less hectic for me (yay!). So I mark the 3rd weekend of the month for my Jomblang Cave trip.

Going to Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta lies in Central Java, in the southern border of Central Java and East Java. I was in Surabaya that time, so it will need 1 hour flight or 5 hours trip by train to get there. I was in a tight schedule so I chose to take a flight instead. You can book a flight ticket through Indonesia local booking apps. Beside it can save you time and energy, local booking apps offer a more competitive prices than the international ones. Not to mention they often throw away crazy discount. And it’s also applied when you book hotel rooms.

I took the 7:30 flight from Surabaya and arrived 8:40 in Yogyakarta. I was lucky there’s no delay in the schedule (smiling big). Then I took a taxi to my hotel which I also booked from a local booking app (the deals are amazing!). That day I decided to stay in the hotel, unpacked my things, and went outside for a little sightseeing at night ( I will share this experience on Malioboro’s article)

The Adventure Begin

The next day, I woke up early to go to Jomblang Cave (finally!). Just so you know, Jomblang Cave lies in a forest in the eastern side of Yogyakarta. So there’s no direct transportation to go there. You have to switch buses in Giwangan and Wonosari bus station to get to Kalisuci Bridge, the nearest bus stop to Jomblang Cave. From there, you have to take a taxi motor to get you to the final destination.

Like I said, Jomblang Cave lies inside a forest, so be aware that there will be no fine asphalt. It was a dirt road, with rocks here and there. But the scary 2 hours ride (if there is no traffic) will be paid off once you reach the site. Trust me.

Drive to Jomblang Cave

But I chose to skip all the hassle by using the hotel service.

My hotel offered a pick-up and drop-off service to Jomblang Cave by car. It’s more expensive than the first transportation option, but at least I can save energy to explore the cave later on.

My advice, it’s better if you’re not visiting Jomblang Cave at rainy season. The road can be dangerous since it will be very slippery. With the rocky texture of the road, you’ll have a hard time reaching the site. Also try to leave as early as you can, the traffic can’t be predicted and since there only 1 time a day they let the visitor go down to cave, you need to calculate your travel time very carefully

Exploring Jomblang Cave

Jomblang Cave opens from 9 AM to 1.30 PM. But the operator only lets you go down (the cave is underground) before 10 AM. Later than that, they won’t allow you to. So make sure you arrive on site before 10 AM. Thank god I’ve Googled this information and made it on time.

I paid RP 450,000 for the entry ticket. Too expensive for cave entrance? I don’t think so. Because it includes all of the safety gear you’ll need to explore the cave such as boots, helmet, life jacket, harness, insurance, and guide. Besides, they also give a free lunch.

After a short briefing and my safety gear was all set, I was ready to go down.

Prep to dive in

Jomblang Cave is a 60-meter-deep cave under the ground with giant opening. To enter it, we have to sit in a harness and hang on the rope while the operator slowly lowered us down. My heart beat so fast because it was scary! But a few minutes later, I started to enjoy it. I even found it satisfying to watch the cave from such height.

It was like a mini forest inside Jomblang cave. I found a lot of grass and other vegetation inside that were a bit different from outside the cave. The guide explained to me and other visitors that Jomblang Cave is actually an untouched cave that still preserved ancient vegetation inside. He said that we might not found these plants in outside world. Well, I can’t tell you whether it’s true or not, since I’m not a botanic.

Hiking inside the cave

The guide was so kind. He guided us to explore Jomblang Cave and answer any question we had patiently.

He explained that there’s an area called Grubug Cave 300 meters from where we were. To get there, we had to walk through a tunnel that was isolated from the sunrays. The tunnel was pretty large and completely dark. But they already gave each of us a flashlight so we could still saw clearly. But my inner girl couldn’t help but being scared of the dark (hey, don’t judge me). Few minutes later, I grew accustomed to the situation and excited about this thrilling experience.

One thing I noticed once I landed my feet at Grubug Cave is the famous Heaven’s Light everyone talked about. Well, it’s not an actual light from heaven, but a ray of sunlight that penetrated through the cave’s opening that lies about 90 meters above. The dark situation inside the cave highlighted the scene and made it look like an actual Heaven’s Light. It’s so beautiful!

I didn’t waste my time and grab my camera to capture the view.

Inside the cave
Catching my breath ^_^
Best moment


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