For the past 2 years I’ve been in and out from hospital with same symptoms… headache, stomach cramps, fever, nauseous, vomit … there are countless days I only lay down on my bed all day without do anything. I can’t enjoy my food because it give me cramps and sharp pain on my lower abdomen, I can’t go to work because my fever will get worse if I’m stress or too tired. This is not what I have in mind to live my life… so after all countless serial blood test, X-ray, EEG, USG, EKG, Endoscopy… I finally got enough, I body getting weaker as days goes by and I don’t get better so I decide to do my own research

Early this year I started to make my own MR, I gather all my previous lab result and start make note (what the diagnose, the pill and treatment that I took, symptoms, body temperature, glucose level, blood pressure, meal, water intake, date of my period, my weight). I don’t have medical degree but I do believe that everyone have their unique body, what I’m trying to say is when your body under attack by some bacteria or virus, you can get well with certain antibiotics, but it doesn’t mean that same antibiotics will work on my body even we have same sickness.

My next challenge is I need to have is a specialist doctor who will have a long discuss with me (most famous doctor with long list patient will only spend about 5-10 mins to talk to their patient), so I went to the best hospital in my city and start see each one of the internist. This is like looking a needle in haystack, in the meantime I still running blood test and USG every month.

One thing I know is my body works better on cold weather and I need to be less stress, when I stressed over something then my body start feel sore and fever. So, in order to get healthy I need to start to do this :

  • Manage my time
  • Be prepared
  • Focus on what I can control
  • Enjoy life
  • Organize
  • Realize I can’t please everyone
  • Exercise
  • Create a vision board
  • Change the way I think
  • Sleep

it’s look like simple things but after 2 years in devils circle (I called my illness the devils circle), it’s really hard to start all those. I need to get back on my routine, so I start with making daily schedule through my iPhone and I try to keep up. I also making journal, write everything that I want to achieves (monthly, yearly). I try to put everything on perspective so I can follow it clearly.




…………………… TO BE CONTINUE ……………………….


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